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Who is British American Tobacco?

 British American Tobacco is the world’s most international tobacco group, successfully pursuing a consistent strategy that is building long term shareholder value. We have sustained a significant global presence for over 100 years. Our business was founded in 1902 and by 1912 had become one of the world’s top dozen companies by market capitalisation.
  • We are the world’s second largest quoted tobacco group by global market share, with brands sold in more than 180 markets.
  • We employ over 53,000 people worldwide. Our workforce is strongly multi-cultural and we have a devolved structure, with each local company having wide freedom of action and responsibility for its operations. Decisions are made as close as possible to the local stakeholders of each business, within a framework of principles, standards, policies, strategies and delegated authorities.
  • We believe that because our products pose risks to health, it is all the more important that our business is managed responsibly. Responsibility is integral to our strategy and through dialogue with our stakeholders, we are working to pursue our commercial objectives in ways consistent with changing expectations of a modern tobacco business.
  • We are the only international tobacco group with a significant interest in tobacco leaf growing, working with thousands of farmers internationally. Our companies run leaf programmes providing direct agronomy support to farmers if it is not otherwise available, covering all aspects of crop production and environmental best practice - in 2007 our companies ran these in 19 countries.
Why choose us?

Because we …
  • Welcome Diversity
  • Believe difference is our advantage
  • Support individuality
  • Work in empowering teams with inspiring leaders who will support the difference you make
  • Are a company that takes you to new places
  • Are one of the world´s best performing companies, with one of the most biggest brand
  • Contribute in communities where we operate
  • Are competitively rewarded for the difference we make
British American Tobacco… A global group of individuals

The four building blocks of our strategy are Growth, Productivity, Responsibility and developing a Winning Organisation. Each is interdependent and essential for delivering profit growth and long term business sustainability. Although our products pose risks to health and our industry can be seen as controversial, our products are legal, calls for prohibition are exceptionally rare and about a billion adults globally choose to smoke. We work continuously to manufacture and sell our products responsibly. We believe in engaging constructively with our stakeholders.

Our vision is to achieve leadership of the global tobacco industry in order to create long term shareholder value. Leadership is not an end in itself, but a company that leads its industry, is the preferred partner for key stakeholders and is seen to have a sustainable business, should be valued more highly.

Bring your Difference

Talent is Welcome!

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Brithis American Tobacco Honduras (BATCA Honduras)Address Boulevard del Sur,
Zona El Cacao, Apartado postal: Apartado Postal 64, San Pedro Sula
Phones: + (504) 545 3200 Fax: + (504) 545 3232

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